Frequently Asked Questions



What do I do with material before I place it in the cart?


Please rinse out any food or beverage containers before placing them in your container to assure a sanitary recycling process.


What can I place inside my cart?


We can accept the following materials: mail, newspaper, magazines, phone books, cardboard, books, journals, cereal/food boxes, milk cartons, plastic bags & plastic containers that have a recycle logo on them, metal soup cans, aluminum bottles and cans.


How do I place material inside my cart?


Place all commingled material (preferably bagged and tied) in your cart. Bag plastic grocery bags, tie closed, and place in cart. Make sure to flatten all cardboard, cans, bottles, etc to maximize space in your container. You may also place flattened cardboard on the ground beside your container if you have a one time large volume. If there is an issue, we will place a notice explaining what it is and asking for your help to resolve it.


Where do I place my cart on my collection day and during what hours does it need to be out?


Please place your cart with the handle facing the street at the curb by 7am. Leave it out to be collected until 7pm.

Please place your cart no farther than 3 feet from the curb.

Place the cart no closer than 3 feet from any object along the street for ease of access for our driver.


What do I do if I have an overflow of material?


Place the material in a bag, tie closed, and place it beside your cart at the curb. Request a 2nd cart if overflow happens often.




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