We here at Green Village Recycling believe in helping you find responsible and sustainable ways

to recycle things around your home that you don’t want any more. In order to do that, we have created a new program.


We now offer mattress & box spring recycling home service calls starting as low as $50.


You're thinking, "Wow, what a great deal to create peace of mind knowing my mattress is landfill free. What’s the process?"


1. You call or email us.

2. We schedule a date and time for collection.

3. Our recycling team members come and carefully carry out your old, dirty mattress. Say bye!

4. We are partnered with a local company who makes sure everything possible is responsibly recycled or reused.

5. You get to sleep more soundly knowing your old mattress is not impairing a Tennessee stream or harming innocent wildlife.

Mattress Recycling

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