Residential Recycling

Curbside Recycling for Your Home
We currently offer bi-weekly residential recycling in Hendersonville and Gallatin. An initial 3 month commitment is required upon signup. 96 gallon roll cart is provided to new customers.
  • All accepted items may be placed in the same container for pickup. Items do not have to be bagged.
  • All cardboard must be flattened
  • A list of accepted materials can be found here

For more information, click the "Request Info" link and submit your request.


Rates for recycling service in Hendersonville & Gallatin:

  • $25 for 2 collections monthly roll cart included = $75 Quarterly​

*ask about other available collection options*

Recycling cart must be placed at curb by 7:00 am on the day of collection and left out until 7:00 pm.


2x Monthly Pickup

$25 Monthly $75 Quarterly

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