At Green Village, we believe in keeping the community safe. For years, we have done this by providing pathways for material to stay clear of the landfill and find a new life. We now do this by offering secure document shredding services.



Do you want to be sure your confidential information does not get into the wrong hands AND the paper it was printed on gets recycled? We guarantee that your personal identity and any classified information will be under lock and key and only handled by our trusted professionals until it leaves the shredder.



We would love to hear from you today. Let’s start a conversation about how we can help secure your personal and professional documents on a regular basis or just one time.



You’re saying, “Great! So how does the process work? How do I get started?”



1. You call or email us today.

2. One of our in-house shredding specialists guides you through our options

3. We custom design a program to best fit your needs.

4. Your selection of secure containers are delivered so you can begin to use them.

5. Our shredding professionals come to remove your secure documents.

6. They are safely transported back to our facility to be securely shredded.

7. You receive a certified, signed and dated document for proof of shredding.

8. You have peace of mind knowing your identity is protected AND gets recycled.

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