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Green Village Recycling LLC was founded on ”Earth Day” April 22, 2010.  We have developed a highly efficient system to bring “world class” curbside recycling services to commercial and residential customers. We have focused our vision on doing what is best for our customers by providing excellence and quality service.


We at Green Village Recycling are also committed to the sustainability of our resources and our environment. By helping to support the community through ongoing programs, recycling efforts and retail product awareness, we will be able to help reduce our impact on the environment and increase our independence through sustainable living habits.


Green Village Recycling is proud to serve Middle Tennessee and is your best choice for curbside recycling services.



The mission of Green Village Recycling is to enrich the life of each customer by providing exceptional curbside recycling service and unique retail products that will aid sustainable living.  By fulfilling this mission, Green Village Recycling will realize its vision to be an innovative leader in the Hendersonville, Tennessee market within the recycling industry.




It is our Vision at Green Village Recycling to strive to provide you with the best customer service possible for curbside recycling services and sustainable living resources. Our philosophy has always been to focus on customer satisfaction, timeliness and professionalism.


  • Our goal is to provide the world-class service to our customers.

  • We serve others as we would like to be served.

  • Our mission is to deliver high-quality curbside recycling service and retail products that enable individuals and companies to lead a sustainable and environmentally positive lifestyle.



Welcome to Green Village Recycling
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